About Us


APA Specialized Center of Qom University, on the 12th of Bahman 94, with the presence of Mahmoud Vaezi, Minister of Communications and Hujat al-Islam and Muslims, Dr. Dirbaz, President of Qom University, Rostami, Vice President of Management Development and Human Resources of the Governorate Qom and a group of deputies and managers of the Ministry of Communications were exploited.
APA Specialized Center of Qom University operates in the field of awareness, preparation, support and action in the cyber field, which was operated with the cooperation of the Ministry of Communications and the Information Technology Center of Iran. Various departments such as the awareness group, the action group, the preparation group, the support group, jurisprudence and law work groups and the cyber security work group are active in this center.

“APA” stands for the words awareness, preparedness, support and action and indicates the type of activities and services provided in the field of security of computer networks and software systems in this specialized laboratory. The APA laboratory of Qom University has been established since 2015, and in the context of its activities, the members of the academic staff, senior experts and experts in the field of security cooperate with this laboratory. APA activities of Qom University include a wide range of security evaluation and penetration testing of networks and systems, and specialized training and awareness, to membership in specialized committees and working groups in the province and providing expert opinions in judicial cases.